Convert your Android phone into a smart Webcam

05 Dec

Do you have an Android smartphone which you are not using it anymore? Then, how about turning that smartphone into something useful say, a WEBCAM?

Confused? You must be thinking why anyone would like to use their smartphone as a webcam instead of buying a new one. Right? But why not put your old smartphone in good use & set it up like this instead of selling it.

Lots of discussions done!! 😛 Lets get back to it & set it up quickly 😀 Also during setup we shall be taking help of good mobile apps. So here we go…..

In google Play, you may come across various app that might be useful & some might not work properly. Out of all these, we select the best one i.e IP Webcam which works through your browser & gives it the cross-platform compatibility.

Now since we have selected our app, next thing is to connect your computer & Smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network available. Then install “IP Webcam” app on your smartphone.

Once the installation is done, make sure all the other camera apps are closed. If not, force them to shut.

Now launch the mobile app, scroll down and tap the Start server option. It will fire up your smartphones camera and will display a URL.

  1. Enter this URL in browser and hit Enter.
  2. Your will see a drop down menu next to video renderer option, select Browser from the list.
  3. Beneath it, you will see an audio renderer, Select HTML wav.

It will immediately show a live video feed in your browser.

It will also enable you to record that footage via browser itself with help of Record button and will save it as mp4 video. You can also save it in Flash (doesn’t work on all computers) or open the same URL in VLC media play.

.And to do this, you need to download and install VLC. Then open VLC, go to Media > Network Stream and enter the URL from the app.

Once the app is running, you don’t need to keep your phone’s screen on. It works even when the phone is locked, but the video feed is slightly smoother when the screen is on.

We hope you have liked our guide …you too can share your tricky ideas for Android smartphones with us 😀

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